Top Fleet Employers 2019 Online Application How-To Guide

The online application for our Top Fleet Employers program is a three-part review of their human resources policies and programs. The review includes the completion of a comprehensive online application that is supported by proof or evidence, a Trucking HR Canada survey of the company’s employees and follow-up discussions with the company. All informatiion will be saved for future applications. 

 To help aid you in your application and allow you to make it as best as you can, we have developed a "How-To" guide that will assist you in completing the application. This guide explains different features within the application, outlines the entire 4-step application process, and provides examples of some questions we may ask you. 


If you encounter any issues along the way or require further assistance, please contact where we would be more than happy to provide you with the information you need in order to submit the best application you can. 


Download the How-To below: