Achievement of Excellence for Training and Skills Development

Training and skills development provides a wonderful opportunity for all employees to increase their knowledge, whether it may be in a specific task, or an overall concept. Training can be provided either interally or externally, depending on the type of training, such as on-the-job training or enrollment of professional development courses. Benefits of training and skills development include increased employee performance and satisfaction, addressing and strengething weaknesses, increase in consistency, productivity, adherence, innovation, and retention. 


This award is given to a Top Fleet Employer that has demonstrated a formal commitment towards supporting their employees through training initiatives, as well as professional development. This could include implementing training programs in order to provide the necessary tools for their employees to do their jobs, as well as encouraging professional growth within their careers by offering the appropriate training and education to do so.  

Winners by Year:

 2018: Caron Transportation Systems

2017: Bison Transport