Career Development

Whether you drive a truck or you joined this industry in another role, Trucking HR Canada offers a variety of tools and resources to succeed in your career. Find programs and training to help you at every stage.

Advance your skills and knowledge: learn about specific jobs, take a career quiz, or access seminars, webinars and training.

National Occupational Standards

Want to know more about what the many exciting opportunities in this industry really involve? Download our resources on the National Occupational Standards — in-depth descriptions of tasks linked to specific jobs.

Dispatcher Training

We are not currently running the Dispatcher Training.

Coach / Mentor / Assessor

Access affordable professional development programs. Learn how to coach or mentor a new driver, or to assess the skills of newly trained or hired drivers.

Career Quiz

Considering a career in trucking, but don’t know how to start? Take our career options quiz. There are many exciting job options in our industry, waiting to be filled.

Seminars and Webinars

Access educational presentations and stay informed on topics matching your specific needs.