Recruitment and Retention

It pays to attract and keep great employees. Learn why a successful HR program ensures your company has the best people and supports them where it counts the most.

Top Fleet Employers

Trucking HR Canada’s Top Fleet Employers program recognizes fleets who demonstrate excellence in HR practices. Get our report The Drive to Excellence: Best Practices in HR by Canada’s Top Fleet Employers Program and find out how we honour HR leaders.

Career Awareness

Showing off the benefits of our work — and the number and range of opportunities that our industry offers — is key to attracting top talent. Explore this section to learn about strategies for promoting trucking as a career.

Women with Drive

Women with Drive is Trucking HR Canada’s national initiative to get women thriving in our industry. Learn why hiring women is a priority for trucking and how you can get involved.

Youth with Drive

Our industry needs young workers — and we have so much to offer them. Read about our youth-focused initiative and find out why engaging with youth is so important for trucking.

Workplace Diversity

Building a successful trucking industry means diversifying your workforce. Discover why making diversity a top priority in your fleet can help grow your business, and how other trucking companies are already reaping the benefits.