Skills Development

Did you know that a variety of occupations in the industry require specific skills and experience? You can help make sure this gets recognized and supported. Access resources to help you grow, profile and highlight your employees’ skills.

Describe & Deliver Job Ads (National Occupational Standards and Job Descriptions)

Access our resources on the National Occupational Standards (detailed descriptions of tasks linked to specific jobs). These standards can help you identify your company’s specific HR needs, assess skills, hire new staff, and identify career paths for your employees.

Dispatcher Training

Get recognized as meeting the occupational standards in professional and interpersonal skills for dispatchers through our online training. Employers are eligible for group discounts.

Coach / Mentor / Assessor

Access affordable professional development programs. Learn how to coach or mentor a new driver, or to assess the skills of newly trained or hired drivers.

Funds for Fleets

Download our employer’s guide to accessing government funding and subsidies for employee training.