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EnAbling the Trucking Workforce - Connector Guide

Fleets must become innovative in their recruitment and retention efforts and shift their focus to under-represented sources of talent, including Persons with Disabilities, to meet our industry needs and grow our economy. To help you move forward with creating workplaces that are welcoming to persons with disabilities, we have developed this EnAbling the Trucking Workforce - Connector Guide.

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Supporting Persons with Disabilities: A roadmap for Canada's trucking and logistics industry

Trucking HR Canada has developed a roadmap to help employers understand the importance in hiring persons with disabilities, as well as information needed in order to do so. As employees age, the rate of disability increases. All employers will be required to accommodate impairments and disabilities within their workforces moving forward. By making efforts today to create accessible workplaces, our industry will be more equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Physical Demands Assessments (PDAs)

Physical Demands Assessments (PDAs) identify the physical job requirements for specific occupations. Once employers are aware of the physical requirements of the job, current employees and new hires can be assessed to determine if they can perform the physical duties or if there are potential accommodations and modifications that can be put in place to allow workers to not only perform, but thrive, in their roles.

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Integrating Accommodation and Accessibility into the Workplace       

The trucking workforce is changing; Trucking HR Canada has made the case for diversity in Canada’s trucking industry. Canada’s diverse workforce includes a wealth of often-overlooked workers who can help meet the trucking industry’s current and future labour needs; this includes people with disabilities.

Research shows that employers who reach out to a more diverse range of employees benefit from improvements to their bottom line, lower turnover and absenteeism and enhanced productivity. 

To learn more, download Trucking HR Canada’s report on the Changing Workforce: The Case for Diversity in Canada’s Trucking Industry by clicking on the following button:

Changing Workforce

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