Mentorship: Employer and Association

My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry: Employer & Association Guide

Benefits of Mentoring for Trucking Employers and Associations

  • Less turnover – which helps reduce recruitment and training costs

  • Improved productivity, teamwork, integration and retention

  • Improved individual performance

  • Increased skill-building – in job-specific skills, leadership, networking, diversity and inclusion competence

  • Increased organizational commitment

  • Enhanced recruitment efforts

  • Improved company performance

  • Increased promotion opportunities – the talent pipeline is filled with people ready to manage and lead, with a greater awareness about progression routes

  • Increased knowledge transfer – which helps with succession planning for critical roles

  • Increased support for diversity and inclusion

Three Models of Mentorship

My Toolbox for Mentoring Women offers you a choice of three mentorship models: One-on-One Mentorships, Online (Virtual) Peer Networks, and Local Women’s Events. You can use any or all of them – or use them in combination – depending on the size and type of your organization. 

More Information

For more information, tools and resources, you can download the complete Employer and Association Guide or individual tools and templates.  

Complete: Employer and Association Guide

TOOL 1: Women Employees Mentorship Needs Survey

TOOL 2: Sample Roll-Out Checklist for a One-on-One Mentorship Program

TOOL 3: One-on-One Mentorship Profile Form

TOOL 4: Laying a Solid Foundation - Employer, Mentor and Mentee Commitments

TOOL 5: Best Practices for Measuring the Success of a Mentorship Initiative


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