Mentorship: Local Women's Events

My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry: Local Women's Events

What are Local Women's Events

  • Useful in building a network of women, and supportive men, in your region to help women in trucking achieve success by learning, sharing questions, answers, comments and advice.
  • An event that brings people together – a lunch and learn, a dinner, a workshop or a casual networking event.
  • Able to support mentorship in different ways:
    • Group mentorship or learning about specific topics
    • Speed ("Flash”) mentoring
    • Orientation sessions for One-on-One Mentoring pairs
    • Leads to sign-ups for Online Peer Networks

Benefits of Local Women's Events

  • Events can give immediate benefits to the women who attend, providing opportunities for them to: Ask questions and learn new information
    • Share advice and tips
    • Be inspired by interacting with role models
    • Meet industry leaders
    • Feel like part of a community
  • Local events can also support women in the trucking industry to develop networks that will help them succeed in the industry. 
  • They also produce important benefits for employers, associations and others who are interested in supporting women's involvement in trucking.

More Information

For more information on Local Women's Events, you can download the complete guide below or the individual tools and templates.

COMPLETE: Local Women's Events Guide

TOOL 1: Formats and Activities to Consider for your Local Event

TOOL 2: Checklist for Organizing a Successful Event

TOOL 3: Tips to Make the Most of an Event 


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