Physical Demands Assessments (PDAs)

Physical Demands Assessments (PDAs) identify the physical job requirements for specific occupations. Once employers are aware of the physical requirements of the job, current employees and new hires can be assessed to determine if they can perform the physical duties or if there are potential accommodations and modifications that can be put in place to allow workers to not only perform, but thrive, in their roles.

How Can Physical Demands Assessments Help Employers?

Physical Demands Assessments are an invaluable HR tool for employers to ensure diverse workplaces in which workers with various abilities can effectively perform essential and valuable work.

Employers can use Physical Demands Assessments when working with the following diverse groups in the workplace:

  • Workers with different physical body strength capabilities than their coworkers in the same role.
  • Workers who may not have the same strength, balance, stamina or coordination as their co-workers.
  • Employees who are returning to work after experiencing an injury that causes temporary impairment of physical ability or functioning.
  • Employees or new hires who have permanent medical restrictions or disabilities that alter the way they perform certain physical tasks.

In addition, the PDAs are useful when navigating the following diverse situations in the workplace:

  • Managing the impact of the legalization of marijuana on the performance of physical tasks by workers in safety-sensitive positions.
  • Accommodating the needs of workers using medical marijuana or other prescribed medications that may impact their performance of physical tasks.
  • Accommodating employees who are recovering from addiction to/dependence on substances that may impact their physical capabilities.
  • Developing training and professional development in alignment with the National Occupational Standard (NOS) for Commercial Vehicle Operators to illustrate the physical requirements to accomplish occupational tasks.

Click on the links below to download the PDA's for different occupations.

Bulk Liquid Driver
Coach Mentor Assessor
Commercial Vehicle Operator
Dock Worker
Driver Trainer
Flat Bed Driver
Freight Claims Specialist
Heavy Equiptment Mechanic
Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist
Shunt Driver