Women with Drive

Women with Drive

Women With Drive is Trucking HR Canada's National Project to Promote Women in Freight Transportation

Did you know that the percentage of women working in freight transportation is well below the Canadian national average of 48%?

In fact, women make up: 

  • 3% of truck drivers
  • 3% of mechanics, transport trailer technicians, and cargo workers
  • 11% of managerial staff
  • 25% of freight claims and safety, and loss prevention specialists
  • 18% of dispatchers
  • 13% of parts technicians

Objectives of the Women With Drive National Project:

  • Raise awareness among women of the various career opportunities that exist in the trucking and freight transportation industry
  • Raise awareness among employers of recruitment and retention practices that can better support the integration of women into the workforce
  • Develop practical tools to support connecting women with careers in trucking and freight transportation

The trucking industry in Canada is full of opportunities and possibilities and the potential for career progression and growth is excellent.

The industry presents a huge economic opportunity for women to seize hold of these jobs in trucking, particularly in the traditionally male-dominated occupations such as transport trailer technician and truck/transport mechanic, and most significantly as truck drivers, whether as owner-operators, or in the private or for-hire companies. All current research indicates that labour shortages resulting from an aging workforce are particularly acute for the trucking sector. Our workforce has a lower percentage of young people and we are below the national average with regards to the participation rate of women.

The Development of an Employment Action Plan for women in the trucking industry

Trucking HR Canada has a national advisory committee that oversees the women with drive initiative. It includes representation of senior representatives from trucking employers across the country. Now in it's third year, the committee spearheaded the development of an employment action plan for women in the trucking industry.

This plan includes:  

  • A national employment strategy
  • Identification of best practices
  • Identification of challenges, including existing barriers
  • Promoting the trucking industry as an industry of choice for women

Committee Members

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