Mental Health Workshop

  • February 19
  • 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Centre for Health & Safety Innovation

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Is Your Workplace a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

Come join us in our half day workshop to gather insightful tips, learnings and participate in an interactive discussion on actual situations in the workplace to better understand:

  • Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • Stigma and barriers to seeking Help
  • Coping strategies at work (employer, employees, co-workers and self)
  • Employer’s role in promoting mental health at work
  • Early recognition of signs and symptoms of mental health issues
  • The Mental Health Continuum – What is it?  How can it help?
  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Sharing knowledge of mental health issues in the trucking industry
  • Practical applications for group participation
  • Resources


Linda Corkhum

Linda Corkum, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association (NSTSA) , is a certified trainer for the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s “The Working Mind” – an evidence-based program designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace. NSTSA was the first trucking safety association in Canada to implement the program. This training for the industry is making a positive difference every day.

Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt is the safety coordinator with the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, and also a trained facilitator for “The Working Mind” program.   He brings over ten years of industry experience including driving.  His strong focus on safety includes a focus on mental health in the workplace. Gary and Linda both have a passion for helping the industry, and supporting mental health.  .They are leaders in this area, and will provide practical and insightful learnings for all attendees.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

  • 8:00am


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    Opening Remarks

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