National Occupational Standards

Developing a foundation to support the hiring and managing of a qualified workforce.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) define the core knowledge, skills and abilities a person needs to effectively work in a particular occupation. 

With over 350,000 people working in the industry as a truck driver, the industry’s most common occupation, Trucking HR Canada developed an NOS for the Commercial Vehicle Operator. 

Available Resources

Check out our HR Resource Library,  Topic Area – National Occupational Standards to find: 

National Occupational Standard for Commercial Vehicle Operator 

This National Occupational Standard defines the core knowledge, task and subtask competencies that are typically developed early in a career and are shared by the widest-possible array of commercial vehicle operators (truck drivers). 

National Occupational Standard Toolkit – How to Guide 

The purpose of this “How To” Guide is to provide practical and useful instructions and suggestions for how to use the HR tools and resources included in the NOS Toolkit in the workplace. Each tool and resource has been developed using the NOS for Commercial Vehicle Operator as a foundation. In this toolkit, you will find the following:

  • NOS for Commercial Vehicle Operator
  • Essential Skills Profile for Commercial Vehicle Operator
  • Entry-Level Curriculum Framework
  • Driver Learning Record
  • On-Road Skills Demonstration
  • On-Road Skills Demonstration Driver Preparation Guide
  • Off-Road Skills Demonstration
  • Coupling and Uncoupling Training Guide
  • Workplace Performance Evaluation