The “Secret Sauce” To Recruiting Success!

January 22, 2020 by Guest Blogger - Angela Payne

It?s no secret that one would be hard pressed to find another industry with more acute and growing hiring needs, in one of the toughest talent market segments, and in the midst of the lowest unemployment scenario in modern history. Yes, folks?welcome to talent acquisition in the Trucking and Logistics industry!

So, what is the ?secret sauce? that can uniquely reveal and position your company as an employer of ?first? choice to secure the talent you need to expand revenue opportunities and market share in this booming economy? I?m here to offer two important words: Employer Branding!

Employer Branding is the compelling and authentic story behind your organization?s promise of a career journey and experience, highlighting the culture, values, purpose-driven mission, growth opportunities and benefits that position and promote you as a great place to work. Your employer brand is a powerful vehicle that allows you to ?turn up the volume? on why your company provides the ideal career experience ?for top talent.

Questions to Consider When Developing Your Employer Brand Approach & Messaging

Who are your target candidates?

Are they currently getting their trucking licenses? Experienced in your industry? Working for the competition? Employees you have lost throughout the years and would like to re-recruit? New immigrants with relevant experience?

Your employer brand should speak directly to the career aspirations and motivations of your target candidate audiences.? The answers to these questions will guide the positioning of employer brand narrative by focusing on what is most important and desirable to your unique talent audience.

What makes you a different?

Think different, think bigger. There?s always a unique angle to who you are and don?t be afraid to push your imagination beyond compensation, benefits, locations, company perks and business objectives. What do you offer that is unique to your organization? How is your company culture special? Who do you serve or help in a positive way? With most comp and benefit packages in the T&L industry on fairly equal footing, these are the value propositions, intangibles and attributes that can become key recruitment differentiators.

What is the perception of your preferred audience?

It?s critical that your employer brand represents the best and most current version of your company. If your reputation and perception on social media and employer review sites is stale, negative or ?underwhelming?, it?s a warning sign that it?s time to refresh, reinvigorate and reimagine your employer brand image and narrative. Re-branding is all about evolving and managing your employer reputation and image with targeted candidate audiences by promoting an authentic real-time view of where your company is today, where your company is going in the future and how a candidate?s skills, abilities and ideas will help your company get there!

Why are your employees leaving?

We all know that high turnover is incredibly expensive and totally disruptive to the business cadence.? But did you know a transparent and authentic employer brand messaging campaign, focused on your current employee population, works wonders in enhancing employee satisfaction and sense of purpose, leading directly to increased employee retention and discretionary effort? Spotlighting and focusing your employer brand internally reinforces and reminds your employees of all the great benefits and advantages of working at your company. It also helps to transform and inspire your employees to become true company Brand Ambassadors who fully embrace and ?live? the values, culture, vision and purpose-driven mission of your organization. The resulting ?WIN-WIN? scenario is a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce that?s less likely to leave voluntarily.

How does employer brand influence recruiting?

Today?s best practice in talent acquisition is all about revealing the right job to the right candidate at the right time on the right device with THE RIGHT STORY (ie: employer brand). Your employer brand message, powered and amplified by UX/UI technology, will improve the nimbleness, efficiency and agility of your hiring processes. This in turn reduces cost per hire and time to fill while increasing candidate quality and applies!

How & Where Do I Begin?

The Foundry by Monster specializes in discovering and creating bold and authentic employer brand platforms and creative digital/social communication assets that help our clients create extraordinary candidate experiences and the ?right fit?. From employee value proposition discovery and digital/social employer brand assessments?to full-featured Career website development, omni-channel employer brand campaigns and social posting content/calendars ?The Foundry is your one-stop-shop for everything employer branding. Contact us at and let?s start refreshing, reinvigorating and reimagining your employer brand today!