About TruckingHR Canada

Trucking HR Canada is an industry leader, spearheading collaboration among the stakeholders in the Canadian trucking industry to:

  • Identify Human Resource issues, trends, opportunities and  challenges
  • Support the industry in recruiting and retaining the Human Resources needed to meet industry demand
  • Partner on initiatives impacting Human Resources for the industry
  • Provide a national forum for gathering and exchanging knowledge on HR issues, and sharing best practices
  • Promote the trucking industry’s careers

As a national partnership-based organization, we promote the provision of safe, secure, efficient, and professional trucking services in Canada.

The organization is a neutral forum for gathering and exchanging ideas, information and knowledge on Human Resources and best practices in training.

Our focus is on trucking and logistics needs within the freight transportation network.

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HR Tools & Resources

Download HR resources, tools, templates and reports designed by and for the trucking industry. Explore topics such as developing strong HR policies, job advertisements, succession planning, and more.


Access comprehensive and practical resources to help your company develop and implement a successful mentorship program.

HR Toolkits

Access a variety of human resource toolkits with practical and trucking-specific tools and templates for fleets of every size.

Succession Planning

Use Trucking HR Canada’s succession planning tool to ensure the sustainability of your business and create an HR strategy for your company’s future.

Tools for Employing Newcomers

Find guides and online resources for anyone hiring newcomers to Canada. Inform yourself about training and working with immigrants, permanent residents and other new Canadians.

Describe and Deliver

Learn the secrets to writing career ads and job descriptions that will attract the workers you need.

Diversity Business Case

Get an overview of the best practices and positive results that diversity can bring to your fleet.

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