Women In Trucking

Welcome to Trucking HR Canada’s suite of tools and resources to help employers attract, recruit and retain more women

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More women than ever are participating in the trucking and logistics industry, according to Trucking HR Canada’s newest labour market outlook, and more can be done with new resources and tools we have developed.

Backed by comprehensive research, new insight and research give employers tools for self-assessment and actionable best practices to attract and retain women in a wide variety of roles. The tools support employers in addressing cultural and systemic barriers that help shape women’s career choices and, ultimately, the industry’s appeal.

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Downloadable resources:

Women with Drive: Maintaining our Momentum (Research Summary)

Women at Work: Best Practices Guide

Checking Your Blind Spots: Identifying Gender Gaps in the Workplace


Funding for this project is made possible thanks to the federal Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) program.