Canada Labour Code Changes

Supporting employers with changes to the Canada Labour Code.

The Canada Labour Code is an Act of the Parliament of Canada that defines the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in federally regulated workplaces and sets out federal labour law. 

As a trusted HR solutions provider for an industry largely composed of federally regulated companies, Trucking HR Canada closely tracks and shares changes to Canada’s Labour Code, developing tools, reports and training to help industry employers comply with and transition through changes. 

Available Supports

Workplace Harassment and Violence (Bill C-65)

Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations were introduced in January 2021. Visit the above link to learn more about how your organization can: prevent workplace harassment and violence, effectively respond to incidents and support employees who are affected.

Also check out our HR Resource Library Topic Area: Canada Labour Code to access practical and downloadable tools and information or visit our Training Centre to access a suite of online Training courses for employers and employees. 

10 Days of Paid Sick Leave (Bill C-3)

As of December 1st 2022, federally regulated employers of any size in the private sector are required to: 

  • Provide 10 days of paid sick leave for employees; and 
  • Provide a leave of absence from work of up to eight weeks in the event of the death of a child or the loss of an unborn child.

Check out our HR Resource Library – Topic Area: Canada Labour Code to access more detailed information and practical tools and information to help your company understand the changes and best practices for managing paid sick leave.