Angela Splinter, CEO, THRC

Angela Splinter, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Trucking HR Canada, Angela Splinter is the steward of talent management best practices for the trucking and logistics sector. Under Angela’s leadership, Trucking HR Canada has become a national centre of excellence where stakeholders in commercial transportation, public policy, training and economic analysis work together to help trucking and logistics employers meet the growing demands of Canada’s freight economy. The organization has forged significant alliances and expanded its mandate to become a trusted delivery partner for federal and provincial labour related grants and contributions, as well as a source of industry workforce data and assessments through its Labour Market Information (LMI) initiative.

Convener, collaborator, spokesperson and champion for advancing the priorities of one of the country’s largest workforces – Angela’s tenure has spearheaded the development of the distinguished Women with Drive and Top Fleet Employers programs which recognize HR leaders and transportation companies for excellence in human resources and provide models for others to follow. These and other programs promote an environment where professionals share strategies, policies and practices that drive career-of-choice recognition and the industry’s success.

Angela is regularly called upon to brief senior officials, economic think tanks and industry leaders on the in-depth research and industry insights impacting the industry’s growth and success. She also serves as a speaker and moderator at industry events in Canada and internationally, providing expertise on topics that affect supply chains across a range of industries. These subjects include:

  • How trucking and logistics employers are evolving to promote work-life balance; improve pay and benefits; develop new training strategies; and broaden the industry’s appeal to a younger, more diverse workforce.
  • How HR leaders in trucking and logistics have managed pressures brought to bear by COVID, the post-pandemic recovery and global supply chain challenges.
  • HR strategies for addressing mental health.
  • The Canada Labour Code and its unique compliance requirements in trucking and logistics.
  • The impact of automation on HR managers and workers in trucking and logistics.
  • A data-driven analysis of the trucking and logistics workforce using Trucking HR Canada’s LMI.

Prior to this role, Angela performed a series of executive functions, provided HR management consulting counsel across a wide range of industries and earned her BA, Law at Carleton University.