Driver Training Grants for All Age Groups

This Career ExpressWay Stream is Currently Closed

Working with a coalition of industry partners, Trucking HR Canada is addressing the ongoing labour shortage. A strong and sustainable supply chain is critical to the health of the Canadian economy, which in part can be achieved by addressing labour and training challenges faced by industry employers.

This NEW driver training grant will help Canadian employers hire and train new drivers to support a sustainable supply chain.

Trucking and Logistics employers can access funding to cover the cost of entry level training and onboard the new trained driver.

Funding includes:

  • Up to $10,000 Driver Training Grant
  • Up to $10,00 Wage Incentive to onboard the new driver upon completion of training

This grant is open to new hires and current employees who are looking to upskill into a driving role.

NEW! Drivers of ALL AGES are eligible.

Eligible employees must be

  • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or granted Refugee Status
  • Legally entitled to work according to applicable provincial/territorial regulations
  • Employed by the company accessing the funding

Employers must

  • Demonstrate sound HR practices
  • Sign Employer Agreement
  • Provide proof of enrollment and invoice from the driving school
  • Provide paystubs with proof of all federally and provincially required employee deductions i.e. as Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Income Tax
  • Trucking HR Canada shall periodically request feedback from the employers and participants to evaluate the job placement

To connect with a THRC staff person to learn more about the program and start the application program click here

Funded by the Government of Canada