National Occupational Standards

Access our resources on the National Occupational Standards (detailed descriptions of tasks linked to specific jobs). These standards can help you identify your company’s specific HR needs, assess skills, hire new staff, and identify career paths for your employees.

National Occupational Standard for Commercial Vehicle Operators

This National Occupational Standard (NOS) defines the knowledge, tasks and subtasks which collectively describe the occupation of a commercial vehicle operator (truck driver). 

The occupation includes more than 300,000 Canadians – nearly 1% of the population and over 1.5% of the nation’s labour force

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Toolkit: National Occupational Standard for Commercial Vehicle Operators

The National Occupational Standard Toolkit has been designed to provide employers with practical and user-friendly HR resources that have been developed using the NOS for Commercial Vehicle Operator as a foundation. The toolkit is comprised of a number of useful documents. They can all be accessed by clicking on the links below.