Workplace Diversity

Building a successful trucking industry means diversifying your workforce. Discover why making diversity a top priority in your fleet can help grow your business, and how other trucking companies are already reaping the benefits.

Business Case

Get an overview of the best practices and positive results that diversity can bring to your fleet: read Changing Workforce: The Case for Diversity in Canada’s Trucking Industry.

Business Case

An overview of the best practices and great results that diversity and inclusion can bring to your fleet. 

1.  Canada's diverse workforce

2. Introduction

3. Quick look: The benefits of diversity and inclusion

4. Demographic focus: Aboriginal peoples, people with disabilities and visible minorities

5. Next steps

6. Resources

Leading by Example

Real life examples of fleets that have implemented diversity best practices in their workplace and reaped the rewards.

1. Bison Transport

2. Canada Cartage

3. Kriska Transportation

4. Northern Resource Trucking

5. Trimac Transportation

Infographic: Canada's Diverse Workforce

Focus on the diverse demographics of Canada's workforce and their potential for the trucking industry.

1. People with disabilities

2. Visible minorities

3. Aboriginal peoples