Millennials Have Drive

The Current Landscape

Canada’s trucking and logistics industry is filled with companies that are always on the lookout for
fresh talent. The industry offers Millennials great opportunities to build a career in one of the most
critical sectors of the country’s economy. As the Baby Boomer generation retires, individuals new to
the workforce and early in their careers are well-positioned to advance into positions of leadership
and responsibility, and build seniority in the industry more quickly than in the past.
To find out how Canada’s trucking industry can attract and retain this talented pool of employees,
Trucking HR Canada looked at the substantial amount of research on Millennials — who they are,
what they value and what they look for in an employer. We then surveyed within our industry –
including Millennial workers, employees from older generations, and employers - to capture their
ideas and unique perspectives.

Based on what we learned, Trucking HR Canada has developed this Roadmap.

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