The Employer Learning Module

This self-paced module will review regulatory requirements to help employers, supervisors, managers, and others in positions of authority understand new obligations for preventing and responding to workplace harassment and violence. This course is oriented towards employers in federally regulated workplaces.

The course will help employers:

  • Understand how to identify, prevent, and respond to workplace harassment and violence
  • Understand different roles and responsibilities in relation to the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations
  • Review the relationship between harassment and violence and prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act
  • Interpret new Canada Labour Code obligations from the employer?s perspective, including the procedures involved
  • Examine the main elements of the complaint resolution process
  • Examine the requirements to provide support

For more detailed instruction on employer response under the new framework, employers are invited to complete the Trucking HR training on Incident Response.

This course takes approximately one hour to complete. Individuals who complete this course will receive a certificate. THRC will maintain a confidential database that can help employers keep track of training completion.

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