Youth with Drive

Our industry needs young workers — and we have so much to offer them. Read about our youth-focused initiative and find out why engaging with youth is so important for trucking.

Millennials Have Drive 2

This report has practical information to assist you, as a fleet employer, to recruit and retain millennials across the full spectrum of occupations in the trucking and logistics industry – from long-haul trucking to senior management positions, and everything in between. 

Millennials Have Drive

Trucking HR Canada has created a Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials

Youth with Drive Employer Survey

Trucking HR Canada invites employers in the trucking industry from across the country to complete this short survey on youth. This survey serves as a next step in developing a national employment strategy for youth in the Canadian trucking industry. 

Youth with Drive National Advisory Committee

Learn about how we are working to recruit and retain young workers and why this is key to addressing the challenges we face.

About Youth with Drive

One of Trucking HR Canada’s initiatives to address this challenge is to work to implement a national youth employment strategy for the Canadian trucking industry.