Transformative Change Working Group

Transformative Change Working Group

  • Candace Bartel

    Vice President of Organizational Development, Steve’s Livestock Transport

  • Sophia Sniegowski Begidzhanov

    Corporate Communications Officer, The Musket Transport Ltd. and Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd.

  • Steven Bryce

    Executive Recruiter, Reimer Associates Inc

  • Stephanie Carruth 

    Founder, Minds for Matter inc.

  • Tracy Clark

    Director of Driver Recruitment and Retention, Bison Transport

  • Bronagh Curley

    Corporate Services and Continuous Coordinator, New West Truck Centres

  • Boysie Dindyal

    Director of Driver Recruiting and Retention, Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

  • Traci Doyle

    Regional Human Resource Manger, Parkland Fuel Corporation

  • Evan Edbom

    Vice President of People, Safety & Culture , Sutherland Group Enterprises

  • Jordan Ewart 

    Manager of Policy and Government Relations, Saskatchewan Trucking Association

  • Brett Ford

    Founder & President , Stallion Movers

  • Jude Groves 

    Director of Safety , Training at Rosenau Transport Ltd

  • James Macpherson

    Operations Manager, Minimax

  • Robert McDougall

    CEO of a Canadian carrier

  • Tracy McLean

    Senior Vice President, NFP Canada,

  • Stacey Miller

    Director of Human Resources for RST

  • Alexander Norman

    Manager of Strategy & Analytics with Nortrans Freight Management

  • Josyanne Pierrat

    Director of Compliance and legal affairs, QTA,

  • Kimberly Richardson

    Manager of Human Resources, Woodcock Transportation Group

  • Katerina Simonovska

    HR Manager, Erb Transport

  • Charlotte Staats

    Head of HR Excellence, Loadlink Technologies

  • Krisztina Szigeti CRHA

    Vice president, HR, Energy Transportation

  • Louis-Paul Tardif 

    Principal, L-P Tardif & Associates Inc

  • Megan Taylor

    IT Manager and Human Resources, J-Line Transportation

  • Santino Viselli

    Manager, Human Resources and Safety Compliance, Onfreight Logistics