Post COVID-19 Employer Playbook

A Business Readiness Playbook For Trucking and Logistics Employers

The past few months have been extremely challenging as organizations, in all sectors, were forced to react to COVID-19 and the associated business implications it presented. We are particularly sensitive to the fact that our industry has played a key role, as an essential service, in keeping our economy moving. This has not been without the hard work and dedication of our fleet employers and in particular, the HR professionals within our Top Fleet organizations.

Now, as businesses prepare to re-open all on-site operations, it?s important to take a planned approach so as not to jeopardize the health and safety of your workforce. At Trucking HR, our intention is to supply valuable information that informs your Human Resources policies and to provide practical and innovative HR tools. This guide offers insight into some of the important considerations that you will need to make when re-opening your on-site operations.

We hope that this guide will help lighten the burden of the unknown and provide you with guidance and direction.

Stay well,

The Team @ Trucking HR Canada


Legal Statement

The information contained herein is intended to guide your business decisions. Given that the situation, as it relates to COVID-19, is fluid and legislative requirements are evolving and updated regularly, it is strongly recommended that before implementing any of the ideas contained herein, that you carefully evaluate, and consult with outside legal counsel as appropriate, to ensure compliance and practical application within your specific workplace setting. The information contained within this playbook does not constitute legal advice.

Trucking HR Canada, and all content contributors, bear no responsibility for any circumstances arising out of or related to the adoption, or decision not to adopt, any of the practices or procedures contained in this Business Readiness Playbook.