Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any Canadian For-Hire Fleet, Private Fleet and Fleet Services can apply to the Top Fleet Employers program.

    For-Hire – A company that primarily transports other companies’ goods.
    Private Fleet – A company that primarily transports their own goods.
    (I.e., a retailer or a manufacturer that operates a fleet of trucks to support their main business)
    Fleet Services – A company that is made up of a subset of the trucking industry’s allied trades. This company must employ drivers to keep their trucks or fleet moving on a daily basis.
    (I.e., tractor and trailer leasing companies, waste management companies, petroleum and fuel products distributors and specialized maintenance facilities)

  • To apply to the 2024 Top Fleet Employers program, fleets must first complete the company profile.

    Please note that, if you do not already have one, you will need to create an account in order to complete and submit the company profile form and any subsequent forms. To create an account, click here and select “Begin”, and follow the steps to create your account.

    If you already have an account, click here to login. Please note all applicants will be required to complete a new company profile form for 2024.

    The company profile form includes information such as:

    • Company name and head office location
    • Primary and secondary contact information
    • Type of fleet (for-hire, private or fleet services)
    • Business focus
    • Cross-border or domestic operations
    • Number of employees as of November 1, 2023 (excluding owner-operators)
    • Number of employees for each occupation

    The company profile form will be reviewed within 2 business days by Trucking HR Canada staff and eligible applicants will be redirected to:

    • Application fee
    • Online application

    Fleets that meet the online application criteria will be invited to take part in the Trucking HR Canada online employee survey as the final step toward recognition.

    Recognized fleets will be publicly announced in April 2024.

  • No. To streamline the application process, returning applicants will be able to return to their 2023 submitted application to update any answers and supporting documents.

    While applicants will be able to update the information provided in previous online submissions, Trucking HR Canada highly encourages fleets to review the newly revamped 2024 questionnaire and application to ensure previous answers and supporting documents provide a sufficient amount of information and is relevant and up-to-date.

    Please note that you will need to log into the account created for the 2024 application in order to access the forms submitted last year. If you can’t remember your username or password, please contact [email protected].

    Previous applications that were not submitted online, will have to be resubmitted by the applicant through the TFE Application Portal.

    All applicants will be required to complete a new company profile form for 2023.

  • Yes, there is an application fee.

    To ensure that fleets from all sizes have a fair access to the program, the application fee follows a scale reflective of the number of employees within the company

    • 0-99 employees: $399.00*
    • 100-499 employees: $699.00*
    • 500-799 employees: $999.00*
    • 800+ employees: $1,499.00*

    * plus applicable taxes

    Number of Employees: the number of employees excluding owner-operators. For private fleets, only employees in the fleet’s operations/services are to be counted.

    • Access to on demand support to complete the application
    • Follow up interviews
    • Access to the aggregated employee engagement survey results and analysis
    • Trucking HR Canada’s Annual Feedback Report – this report indicates areas for improvement and success benchmarked against the aggregated results from all Top Fleet Employers
  • Fleets who meet the HR standards of excellence and are recognized as a Top Fleet Employer will receive the following:

    • One (1) framed certificate of recognition
    • The right to use the applicable year’s Top Fleet Employer logo and branding in your recruitment and retention efforts, including in communications and marketing
    • Recognition in the annual national press release and trade media
    • Year-long recognition on Trucking HR Canada’s website and social networks
    • Recognition at the Annual Top Fleet Employers Gala Awards Dinner
    • Advanced access to resources, programs, and initiatives
    • A dynamic network of peers and experts in the industry
  • Applications that do not meet the HR standards of excellence will be offered a 30-minute consultation with a representative of Trucking HR Canada, to review their feedback report, assess areas of improvements and provide practical insights based on sound HR best practices.

  • Yes. All Top Fleet Employers are considered as contenders for the following awards:

    Achievements of Excellence:

    • Training and Skills Development
    • Workplace Culture
    • Workplace Diversity
    • HR Innovator
    • Employee Engagement
    • Workplace Mental Health
    • Women in the Workplace
    • HR Leadership

    The Achievement of Excellence award recipients will be based on the highest overall results of each award category from individual application submissions. To learn more about the Achievement of Excellence awards, click here.

    Top Awards:

    • Top Large Fleet
    • Top Medium Fleet
    • Top Small Fleet
    • Top Private Fleet

    The Top Awards recipients are handed to Top Fleet Employers who have achieved the highest overall results on their online application in their respective fleet size categories.

    All award recipients will be recognized and awarded at the annual Top Fleet Employers Gala Awards Dinner.

  • Established in 2016, The HR Leader of the Year annually recognizes an employee from the Top Fleet Employers Program who holds a senior management role in human resources. The nominated recipient is awarded on the critical and strategic role that they play as an HR professional in their organization and the trucking and logistics industry. The award exemplifies human resources best practices, innovation and engagement in the industry through aspects such as leadership, commitment to continuous learning and fostering a safe and excellent workplace.

    Previous recipients of the award include:

    • Stacey Miller, Director, Human Resources – RST and Sunbury Transport (2022)
    • Heather Mewhinney, Director, Human Resources – Kriska Transportation Group (2021)
    • Rosana Preston, Director, Human Resources & Administration- Rosedale Transport (2020)

    The recipient of the HR Leader of the Year will be awarded and recognized at the annual Top Fleet Employers Awards Gala Dinner.

  • An employee of Top Fleet Employer who holds a senior management role in human resources

  • Employees of Top Fleet Employers can apply or nominate an individual who holds a senior management role in their organization.

    Following the announcement of the Top Fleet Employers of the Year – Employees of the program can contact [email protected] to request a nomination application and receive further information regarding the application process.

  • Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions regarding the program or the TFE Application Portal

  • Yes.

    In the case where your certificate is missing, damaged, or should you need extra framed certificates for other office locations, THRC will send you a replacement or extra framed certificate at a cost of $75 plus shipping. Just send an email to [email protected] with your request and you will receive payment instructions.