Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention (WHVP) Training

Discover a suite of engaging training modules designed to ensure that as a federally regulated employer, your company stays on track with mandatory training requirements.

Industry-specific workplace harassment and violence prevention training modules provide training solutions for employers, employees, and for individuals managing workplace complaints. 

While this training was developed to response to Bill C-65, any employer can connect staff to the training to help learn more about, address and prevent workplace harassment and violence.  

The training was developed in partnership with Labour Canada, labour groups, employment lawyers, and HR professionals, and is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and all provincial associations. 

About this Training

clipboard icon for Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

A suite of engaging training modules has been designed to ensure your employees stay on track with mandatory compliance requirements.

tracking icon for Track Your Employees

Track Your Employees

Our system's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your employees' learning progress, including who has passed compliance testing, who hasn't, and who needs some additional motivation.

books icon for Facilitate Ongoing Learning

Facilitate Ongoing Learning

Armed with opportunities to enhance their learning, your employees are empowered to reinvest skills and knowledge back into the workforce.

time icon for Enhance Time Management Efficiencies

Enhance Time Management Efficiencies

With our system taking on the onus of compliance training, your fleet and its executives will be free to focus on managing and growing their business.

Our Features

  • As the trucking industry and workforce evolves, our training modules evolve with it, providing up-to-date compliance training and learning opportunities for your employees.

  • Whether you wish to purchase learning modules a la carte or have unlimited access, our system offers flexible payment options to meet every budget and need.

  • Search and filter employees’ data (ie: completed courses, grades/results, certificates obtained) to see what you need to see and/or create groups for whom you can assign specific trainings.

  • Through your dashboard, monitor the results of your employees’ training and hold them accountable to becoming compliant and/or maintaining compliance.

Pay Scale

This price model is in effect to December 31, 2021

wdt_ID Number of Seats Cost Cost
1 0-99 $10 per seat $990
2 100-499 $8 per seat $3192
3 500-799 $7 per seat $2093
4 800-1499 $6 per seat $4194
5 1500-1999 $5 per seat $2495
6 2000+ $3 per seat $12,964 + $3 per employee

A seat represents one employee. Whether an employee is required to take one module, or all three, the cost per seat is the same. Employees are assigned a unique ID, ensuring that each employee is uniquely accountable for their courses.

The courses are not transferable from one employee to another, and each ID can only be used by one employee.

The costing is per individual company (Each company costing starts at zero)

For example:

  • A company needing 50 seats would pay $500
  • A company needing 780 seats would pay $6,142
  • A company that requires 3000 seats would pay $15,964
  • Refer to the LMS costing calculator below to determine the full cost of training to your company.

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With your selected team size, your LMS investment is:


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